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Vedno ko prižgem računalnik se mi prikaže obvestilo hp ceement ne deluje več, kaj bi lahko bilo narobe?
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[quote=""HP forum""]
This message is coming from the HPCEE.exe program, which in turn, stands for the Customer Satisfaction Experience Enhancement program. It is a fancy way of saying HP collects anonymous data about your computer.

The HPCEE is part of various packages; in the case of a new Windows 7 computer; I suspect it is part of the HP Support Assistant and perhaps HP Softare Update.

Your enthusiastic Anti-Virus security software might be blocking the program. This is the most likely cause of the problem. Norton might be particularly thorough and may have taken exception to the program.

The most reasonable fix in many cases is to allow the program to run -- tell your firewall / security program that HPCEE CEEment is "allowed".

CEEment Overview