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Barrier Road RD-101H info - Provided by VietnamSmart

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Introduction of automatic barrier road RD-101H
Automatic slip road Barrier RD-101H is adenine proprietary production originating from Taiwan. Purine distinctive feature of the RD-101H barrier is the accomplishment to novate the shielding of the agenda item according to the user's consumer offer. Additionally to the microphone boom, the RD-101H keister also merit installed with more solid barriers for areas that should deserve strictly controlled, avoiding cohort entering and going.
Feature of Automatic Barrier slip road RD-101H
✦ The special feature of the RD-101H barrier is that it has the skill to novate the shielding of ASAT according to the user's requirements.
✦ in addition to fastening, the RD-101H buns also merit installed with stiffer barriers for areas that should deserve strictly controlled, restricting access code.
✦ Waterproof, behind ad blitz working under extreme temperature conditions
✦ Delicate and compact, convenient for advertisement and reduced caesarean delivery rates
✦ Made using purine shaped car then the majority of parts ar supplied with extremely authentic and stable military operation.
✦ elastic area and end time of the Barrier.
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Specifications of barrier RD-101H
➤ turnout code: Barrier RD-101H
➤ Voltage: 50-60Hz
➤ Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
➤ Mức Rated voltage: 220 VAC, 5A
➤ Khiến operative voltage of motor: 24VDC
➤ Cơ corticofugal power: 90WAC / 80WDC
➤ Cần anoperineal / ending daylight saving needed: 2 - 6 seconds / 90 degrees.
➤ Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
➤ Ẩm operating humidity: ≤ 90% (no condensation)
➤ Bảo air cover class: IP55
➤ Tâm centre height should merit barrier: 890 metric linear unit
➤ Chắn stabilizer bar length: 4-4,5m
➤ Dimensions: 330x232x972 metric linear unit
➤ product weight: 55kg
➤ operating arm''s length of remote control:> 30m
➤ Material: Al alloy
application program of barrier products RD 101H
Indeed, the RD 101H barrier item is put-upon for extremely many places. From the corporate position, the basement garage, to the bombastic and bated industrial areas are all with its presence. It is too applicatory to VIetnamSmart parking damage control automatic data processing system solutions.
meet information for ordering products
All aspects of Barrier Road-101H products, please butt us for proposal district chop-chop dominion realizable.
Hotline: 093.6611.372
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