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Default avatar vbobek 27 Avg 2017 09:44

How many times you had an idea but had no clue how to protect it, or money or time to work on its realization? Ideas, solutions, art vanished forever.

We developed a platform where you can communicate, expose and realize your creativity for free.

Save Ideas offers a service for anyone - students, artists, designers, small businesses and the discerning innovators who have created something or have an idea but don’t have the time or money to copyright their work, nor hunt for interested investors and customers. Simply by uploading their intellectual works to the Save Ideas site, submitters will automatically receive a Time Certificate™, which will state the exact date and time of submission, which in turn can be used to prove their ownership and protect their Intellectual Property.
The aim is to create an online community where anyone is encouraged to Exchange ideas, dialogue, interest and communication; Save/Protect submitted intellectual works; has the chance for works to get Exposed on a global platform, and finally Connect the creators to interested customers, promoters and investors to help realize their potential.

Want to take part? Then… Sign up for a free account at
Upload your ideas, solutions, art or any other intellectual property.

100% free social platform
Legal support
Liaison with investors
Business Development

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