žolčni kamni

Prosim za vašo pomoč! ta teden sem izvedela da mi je uspelo zanosit in sem seveda presrečna (sem torej šele v 4tednu)
Žal pa sem izvedela tudi, da imam žolčne kamne, kar me je močno prestrašilo.
Bolečine čutim pod desno lopatico in sicer tako močne kot bi me nekdo zabodel z nožem, na srečo pa zelo hitro popusti (nekaj sekund). To se mi pojavlja nekje že tri-štiri tedne, sicer samo občasno in niti ne vsak dan. Najprej sem mislila, da imam slabo prebavo in me morda zato pika…. Naročila sem se na ultrazvok, da vidimo kakšni so,…
Prosim za kakršen koli odgovor….ali bom morala zaradi tega splaviti. Ali bo potrebna operacija ali so še kakšne druge metode za odstranitev kamnov. Ali so dovoljeni antibiotiki v nosečnosti?! Kakšna je dieta pri tej bolezni?! Jabolka imam namreč zelo rada, izvedela pa sem, da sadje ni priporočljivo uživati surovo?!

Za vsak odgovor bom zelo hvaležna!

Prosim, če za nasvet povprašate svojega ginekologa ali pa preko foruma dr.Pušenjaka, hvala!

********************** Anita Prelec, nadzorna babica porodnega bloka v Porodnišnici Ljubljana

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http://www.lineyka.net/[/url] It is worth planning the places of future outlets and, in general, for the electrician as a whole, based on where this or that piece of furniture will stand. Otherwise, you cannot do without extension cords and surge protectors. It is not recommended to place the outlets too low, as they will interfere with cleaning.

If you live in a federally subsidized home, you have other rights. Read Public Housing Evictions or HUD Housing Evictions. You can also call CLEAR at 1-888-201-1014 (or 211 if you live in King County) or visit WashingtonLawHelp.org. E. Can the landlord evict me? one.

The hall is the main and sometimes the only room in the whole apartment. Despite the fact that the entrance hall plays the role of "meeting" guests, the living room fully reflects the life, taste and character of the owners of the apartment.

For example, we decided in advance that we would not buy a TV, but install a projector. Calculated the distance from the wall to the projector, determined the size of the screen on the wall. We planned the required area for it, sockets for speakers and other household appliances.

Remember that any room, first of all, must be functional. But there is no need to overload the premises with unnecessary furniture and unnecessary interior items – this will create an impression of bulkiness. Good luck with the renovation, and remember – everything is in your hands! All materials in the heading: Designer apartment renovation: what is meant by it? Designer renovation of the living room Somehow it just so happened that the concept of European-quality renovation included tiled bathrooms, suspended, preferably multi-level or stretch ceilings and laminated floors.

How to choose a master to repair the apartment d0e6ce9


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